Monument Residence by atelier V : architecture

Opulent complexity through simple geometry: A program for living

Westwood, Ca


atelier V: architecture recently completed the schematic design for a 7,200 sf Tri-Level home in Pacific Palisades, California.  The Structure sits on a 13,500 SF ocean view lot which is elevated nearly 20 feet from the street level.  ”To take advantage of the ocean views, we made an early decision the take advantage of the elevated site by tucking the parking under  and placing the two story residence on top, this gave guests an almost worms-eye view of the house during the entry sequence”  Says Mark Vaghei, AIA, Principal in Charge of Design.

The residence has 6 bedrooms and 7 baths and parking for 5 automobiles.  Additionally , it has a wine cellar and a Media Room at the lower level.  The main level consists of the entry, powder room, living, dining , family and kitchen in one open flowing and connected  space all open to the veranda and the infinity pool separated by pivoted transparent glass doors.  The bedrooms are all on the upper floor with the Master Bed Room and Bath articulated with its own mass protruding out of the basic mass of the building.  All other bedrooms are stacked in a more regimented/regulated format along the circulation spine facing southward and taking in the fabulous views.

The Street entrance being a complete level lower than the main level of the house, the visitor is welcomed at a pedestrian style gate  and goes through a canyon flanked by a water fall which is an extension of the pool on the level above.  Going through a canyon stairway, the visitor arrives at the pool and at once becomes aware of the origin of the waterfall left behind.  Then, the visitor navigates through a series of stepping stones through the water feature which surrounds the living area to arrive at the main level entry on one end of the circulation spine.  Circulation spine becomes the mass that pins the house to the terrain and the site running as a vertical element behind the entire mass of the residence.


The Monument residence makes use of simple materials such as Rain-Screen wood paneling systems, Metal skin and Aluminium windows for sustainability as well as durability and cost.  Construction cost is expected at $350-375/sf.


For additional pictures of the Monument Residence please go to : www.atelierv.com   / projects/residential/ Monument Residence


Leonardo Rodriguez, Junior Designer/3D Artist.