Firm Profile

Firm History

atelier Mark Vaghei (atelier V) was formed in 1991 to provide comprehensive services in planning, architecture and interior design. Our name symbolizes our personal service approach through a creative atelier-based design environment. Since its founding, atelier V has received numerous design awards. The expansion of our practice into international markets, as well as new building types has steadily grown since 1991. The project experience that has resulted from this expansion provides us with a wide range of diversified project and cultural experiences that have enriched our practice.



The Method

atelier V is a nucleus of highly talented designers, technical experts, professional managers and computer specialists organized in studios which carry a project from concept to completion. The firm is a personal service company. This is accomplished through a “Flat” project management system. atelier V’s primary objective is to identify and resolve the specific issues posed by each assignment. Particular emphasis is placed upon defining not only the project scope and intent, but also budget and schedule at the inception of the design process. Attention to all levels of detail and close client communication continue throughout the duration of the project, to ensure the best possible match of client needs, design intent and cost effectiveness. atelier V’s extensive experience with users and speculative developers instills the concept “Time is Money.” We establish all tasks within a project schedule, defining decision points and milestones in ways that constantly address time and required efforts. The consistent quality of our performance has led a high number of our clients to entrust us with repeat projects and long term consulting relationships. This, we believe, is a result of our approach to problem solving and our recognition that unique project identity is the product of thoughtful application of this process to the specific needs of each client.

“Flat” project management: A management method that provides “Random” access to senior personnel versus a pyramid hierarchy






atelier V’s staff is comprised of Licensed Architects, designers, computer specialists and support personnel. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, the firm’s services reach internationally. Functioning as an atelier or studio, each project is directed by the Principal in Charge/Atelier Head. The Atelier Head is responsible for the conceptualization of the design , overall project control and management, client contact, client and public presentations, as well as all contract and fee-related issues. The principal in charge and lead designer in all of the firm’s work is Mr. Mark Vaghei, AIA. Directly under the atelier head, a licensed architect manages the project’s daily activities. He is responsible for schedule, budget, documentation, all public agency liaison and approval processes, as well as construction management and project supervision. Each project architect is assisted by one or more project captains/senior designers depending on the size and complexity of each project. In addition to the vertical studio organization, atelier V maintains a horizontal organization wide Quality Control Manager and a Director of Digital Media Unit (DMU). The Quality Control Director oversees accuracy in the construction and specification documentation and execution of the design intent as well as construction related issues. He also is responsible for the development and proper adoption of all production standards by the staff. The Digital Media Unit Director manages all digital media production within the studio, the development and proper implementation of CAD standards throughout the organization, maintenance and upgrade of the CAD system, training of the personnel and purchasing of all new equipment. An organizational chart of atelier V, demonstrating the relationship of team members is included within this document for further review.

atelier: European term for a studio or workshop where close interaction amongst team members is encouraged



Digital Media Unit

atelier mark vaghei’s Digital Media Unit (DMU) uses state-of-the-art Computer Aided Design systems. The firm’s CAD hardware is comprised of a Quad- i-7 core processor server with large capacity hard drives. CAD stations are equipped with state of the art PCs in a network environment. Utilizing latest AutoCAD , BIM (Revit), Sketch-Up, 3D-Max, Rhino software.
atelier V’s Digital Media Unit has also been a pioneer in the use of three-dimensional modeling both as a design and presentation tool. DMU uses leading industry software such as 3D Studio Max and Rhino to realistically depict clients’ projects for use in presentations to users, financiers and public agencies. We perform advanced animation, walk throughs, video image capture and other digital image manipulations.