Dance of Lights : atelier V collaborates with Michael Hayden on 300 N. Central

Westwood, California

Last Thursday afternoon, The Glendale Arts Commission unanimously approved the public art proposal presented by Internationally acclaimed Artist Michael Hayden (www.thinkinglightly.com)  for atelier V’s 300 N. Central project (http://www.glendalenewspress.com/articles/2010/02/20/politics/gnp-proposal022010.txt). atelier V and Legendary Development LLC (Project Developer) had conducted a national search for an artist well versed in the vocabulary of light and sound. ” Michael Hayden’s selection was a direct result of his thorough understanding of the nature of our Public Space, the architecture of the building, the limitations of a private residential project,  as well as our desire to have a 21st century piece that continuously spoke to the users of the space and the community at large” said Mark Vaghei, AIA (www.atelierv.com) .  Michael Hayden’s works have graced public spaces world-wide and enchanted millions that have been exposed to them.  He is the recipient of many awards and honors.  One of the most recognizable of Michael Hayden’s sculptures is the sculpture of light within the concourse of the United Airlines terminal at the Chicago’s O’Hare airport viewed by millions of travelers daily.

Michael Hayden’s proposal uses 66 – 36 inch long polycarbonate tubes filled with RGB light Emitting Diodes (LED) suspended within the 1,350 SF public space anywhere from 11′ to 22′ above ground plane.  Every LED tube will be addressed by a proprietary video sourced programming protocol.  Every light-tube will have a minimum of 36 RGB (Red, Green, and Blue) LEDs; which will be addressed in 6 clusters of 6 LEDs or 12 clusters of 3 LEDs.  This will allow for interplay of 2,400 colors in variant symphonies of light and music and interactivity.  This lumetric installation will be physically attractive as the 3′ light sticks appear to undulate as their distribution arithmetically expands (first 1, then 2 in the next row, 3 in the third etc), and as they travel across the aerial space above the audiences’ heads.  “We sought to develop a work of art that would be consistent with the modern design of the project, one that engages and responds to the viewer and would not be passive.  We wanted a work that the public would want  to return to re-visit and one that provides a different experience each time.  We want the viewer to be able to develop a relationship with the ever-changing sculptural entity, that makes its home at Legendary tower Glendale.” said Mr. Surj Soni of Legendary Development, LLC

The art installation is located within the project’s designated Public Space which Mark Vaghei describes as a “sun filled outdoor room”.  The public space is located at the southwest corner of the building at grade level.  It is a 54 feet by 25 feet space which is at least 24 feet in height.  The space is surrounded by 24 feet high panels of  double transparent glass with open spaces in between allowing for the public to meander through and enter the space.  Directly north and adjacent to this public zone will be a cafe/restaurant with a retractable glass wall system separating it from the public space while allowing the space to be energized by the cafe’s activity.

atelier V would like to thank all members of the Glendale Arts Commission for their invaluable input as well as Messieurs Emil Tatevosian, Mark Berry and Alan Loomis of the City of Glendale Redevelopment Agency for their tireless efforts.

300 N. Central is a multi-family, 6 – story, 81- unit residential project located in Glendale, California and scheduled for construction in the summer of 2010. This project has been featured in Vews before. For a more complete description of the project see:  https://www.atelierv.com/vews/?p=263.  For additional photos of this project and other atelier V projects go to: www.atelierv.com

To see Michael Hayden’s works go to: www.thinkinglightly.com