1931 Ivar Small Lot Subdivision

Location: Hollywood, California

Type: 12 Unit Small Lot Subdivision / Residential

Size: 2,100 SF per Unit – 3 Story – Roof Deck – 750 SF Recreation Room – Lap Pool

Client: Mr. Ilya Gorbonos

Completion Date: Projected 2018

1931 Ivar is a 12-unit for sale single family housing project done under the Los Angeles Small Lot Subdivision Ordinance.  This ordinance allows for development of single family residential projects with reduced setbacks to property lines. Under this ordinance each property owner owns his or her own lot and is not part of any HOA.  Each owner then gets a reciprocal easement for the common access driveway and other common area features of the property.  The project is on an approximately 20,000 SF hillside lot bounded by the Hollywood Freeway on one side and Ivar Avenue and Dix Street on two other sides.  The owners asked atelier V to design a modern project suited to the new generation of younger families in the Hollywood area.  Our approach to the project was the introduction of a tri–level structure as the typical unit with a two-car garage and a granny unit on the first floor, the living quarters with an expansive open floor plan on the main level and three bedrooms on the upper level. The project was designed with large expansive windows that when opened acted as interior balconies where possible.  Simple use of white cement plaster and wood paneling on the facade further enhanced the appeal of the project.  Additionally, the units facing the street on Dix get their entries oriented toward the street while all the units facing Ivar get backyards accessible from the street.  The project is going through Tentative Tract Map approval process with the City of Los Angeles and is slated to start construction in the mid-2017 time frame.